Aminco S.R.L. was established at the beginning of the eighties to supply the farmers with new and non traditional means to reduce production’s costs, increasing crop’s yield in quality and quantity.

Aminco S.R.L. did focus its efforts on two molecules, the A.T.C.A., which is a derivative of one of the many amino acids, natural components of the vegetable proteins, and the Folic Acid, a vitamin with proven beneficial effects at cellular level.

From the combination of the two molecules Aminofol was created, a product which may be defined a “biostimulant” with anti-stress properties.

At the beginning of the nineties, the worldwide commercial success of Aminofol prompts Aminco S.R.L. to open a subsidiary in the United States, Aminofol Inc., to follow up the development of Aminofol in the North, South and Central America.
Aminofol Inc. is located in Florida, a natural bridge between the Americas.

In the year 2000, Aminco S.R.L , to integrate the biostimulant and anti-stress properties of Aminofol with a nutritional action with prompt effect, starts the commercial development of Nutricel, a product that since then is finding a very quick acceptance in those markets which have a preference for all in one formulations ,offering Nutricel the whole package, with its biostimulant, anti-stress and nutritional action.